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Shooting for business events


Bonjour, my name is Ria ,I am a professional photographer with eight years of experience. Before I came to France, I worked in Shanghai. I have cooperated with many foreign-funded enterprises to shoot corporate activities, and have been highly recognized by customers. After coming to France, I have cooperated with many Chinese-funded enterprises and local company, and have been shooting and recording on-site for various large and small events all year round.

Here are some of my past works! 

您好,我的名字叫Ria ,中文名周贵兰,我是一个有着八年摄影经验的职业摄影师,在我来法国之前,我在上海工作任职摄影师两年多,和许多的外资企业合作,拍摄各种企业活动,并且得到客户的高度认可。来到法国以后,我和许多的华资企业和本地企业均有合作,常年为各种大小型活动进行拍摄和现场记录。


2022.02 Ria 单人照.jpg

Ria ZHOU​ 周贵兰

after1 4T9A0036.jpg

I have been living in Paris for six years. I can speak French ,English and Chinses ,I am serious, responsible, honest and punctual. The event shoots for two to three hours, and basically there will be 500 to 1,000 negatives, which can be taken across Europe.

My contact :

Tel: 0033 0652776696


WeChat: 120744536

Thank you for your time !



电话: 0033 0652776696


微信: 120744536


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